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I’m Ross Butter, an animator and illustrator, based in Sheffield. I also make music just for the fun of it. Twistosterone is my internet dumping ground for my films, doodles and other weird creations.

Examples of my cartoons can be found on my Vimeo Page, and my commissioned animations are listed at the bottom of this page. You can have a listen to my tunes on Soundcloud.


Have any questions? It’d be great to hear from you.

Give me a shout: ross(at)twistosterone[dot]com

Hit me up on Twitter too.

Organ donations welcome.



On a Red Horse (2015)

DuckManBoy [Animator] (2015)

Justin Time (2014)

PS4 vs XBOX ONE (2014)

40 Years of Gaming (2013)

Don’t Fear Death [Animator] (2013)

I Love You So Hard (2013)

Birdstrike and Manballoon (2012)

Base Wanking (2012)

The House That Looks Like Me (2012)

Tiny Chainsaw (2011)

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