Good News Everyone

Work in Progress

I’ve been churning out a new music video over the past few months. The project is nearing completion, but for now, here’s some teaser GIFs…



Don’t Fear Death

Here’s an amazingly twisted short animation by Dice Productions that I did a wee bit of assistant animation on. Rik Mayall explains the benefits of being dead.

Alternatively, watch it on Channel 4’s Random Acts website.

I Love You So Hard Edinburgh Film Festival

If you want to catch the 4th and final episode of I Love You So Hard before it’s eventually released online, here’s how you can.

The Edinburgh International Film Festival is screening the short as part of their McLaren Animation program at the Edinburgh Filmhouse on the 21st of June at 4:20pm. (More info here)

The whole series is also on display at the Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show, running from the 1st to the 9th of June. (Details here)

That’s about it for now. Have this picture of the stack of the frames from all four I Love You So Hard films as a teaser.


Scottish BAFTA New Talent Awards

Woohoo!! ‘I Love You So Hard’ has been nominated in the Animation category for the BAFTA Scotland New Talent Awards.

More information here:,3696,BA.html

I Love You So Hard

I’m currently working on my graduation film, so there won’t be many new pictures or animations from me until late next Spring.

However, I’m keeping a journal of my progress with this animation. There’s pictures and hopefully as I get further into the cartoon, I’ll post some little teaser animated gifs. I’ll be updating it every month, so if you’re at all interested, check back from time to time.


…I dare you…

Dinosaur Ballet in Wisconsin!

My little balletsauruses are travelling on over to the 2011 Milwaukee Film Festival (Sep 22 – Oct 2)

The short is screening in what has been called “The Best Damn F*#@ing Midnight Program. Ever. Sh*t.” at the Oriental Theatre, Saturday 24th September… MIDNIGHT!

Dinosaur Ballet at the Indy Film Fest

Dinosaur Ballet dances on over to the Indianapolis International Film Festival (July 14th – 24th 2011) as part of the “Quirk A Day” shorts program.

YOU WANT PROOF??? Info here…